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MidNite Walkers started out in southern Missouri in 2002 by Mel, Rick and Matt. Since then the group has gone through many chances from members to locations. MidNite Walkers conducted investigations in Missouri for 2 years before Rick and Mel moved to central Minnesota and restarted the group there. Matt later moved to Tennessee and he along with Kellie started a chapter there.

When MidNite Walkers started they had no idea that the group would be where it is today.

Mel has always been interested into the Paranormal world. As a kid she use to get into trouble in school for talking about ghosts.

Mel grew up in a house that many people had experienced many actives. Her older brother one night decide to catch some of the noise that had been heard with his tape recorder. So while everyone was sleeping he left the recorder running. When he listen to it, he was surprised to hear a voice of a woman. This was Mel's first experience with EVP's. Though at that time she did not know about EVP's.

Rick has always been interested in the spirit world. He along with some friend would go out and do investigations when he was a teen.

Joddee has just starting to get into investigating.
LeRoy raally enjoy's working with the people and helping them out.
Rich really enjoys doing the experiments and working with the EVP's. Rich takes credit for doing the False Orb Experiment.


Tammie grew up in a house that was known to be haunted. She has experiemced many things in her life and would like to use what she has learned to help others.


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