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Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society

We are paranormal investigators or "Ghost Hunters" if you will. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we were founded by Master Magician/Illusionist/Guitarist - Aedryan Methyus. At StrangeHappenings.org you will find extremely detailed information about the research we do. We give our visitors an inside look at some of our actual investigations, by sharing our own in-depth investigation reports. You simply will NOT find other ghost hunters/paranormal investigators who present their investigation reports and "evidence" in such a detailed, HONEST and well documented manner. You will also find a lot of other useful ghost hunting information and resources for ghost hunters, realistic insights on myths, "facts" and theories about ghosts, haunted houses, hauntings, poltergeists, apparitions, orbs and anything else to do with the the study of ghosts and the paranormal, where ghosts and hauntings may or may NOT be at play. You will also find information about some of the most alleged haunted places and locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Maryland!

As with all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators who take what they do seriously, we take a scientific, skeptical and "NON-MYSTICAL", yet open minded approach to our paranormal research and investigations. Though we have no use for "Arm Chair Debunkers", we do welcome all functioning skeptic groups, who possess the knowledge, resources and motivation to actively help us explore all possible explanations to anything we classify as unexplainable.

Please be aware that ghost hunting and paranormal research is not an exact science and there are very NO absolute facts about ghosts, hauntings or the after life. At this point, we still cannot even say with any kind of certainty whether or not ghosts truely exist. As with any science, all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators can do is, continue to collect data, document their research and formulate theories based on our observations and experiences. Contrary to popular belief (thanks to television, "psychics" and other mystical types), there is no such thing as a paranormal expert! Unfortunately, there are very few ghost hunters/Paranormal investigators, who go to great lengths (or ANY at all) to properly document "reportedly" haunted locations in an honest, "non-mystical", scientific or even somewhat educated manner. We feel that is one of the main reasons why there are presently very few (if ANY) actual facts about ghosts that are known to man....

Do You Think You May Be Experiencing Ghost
Activity And Would Like Some Answers?

If you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh or Erie, Pennsylvania or in the Cleveland Ohio area and you truely believe that you are experiencing EXTREMELY haunted activity on a regular basis, please feel free to contact us anytime for a FREE consultation and possibly an investigation. If we determine that an investigation may be warranted, it will be FREE of charge! Please understand that only extremely haunted locations with undeniable ghostly activity will be considered.


NYPAPS, New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society

WELCOME to NYPAPS, New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society. We are a paranormal society that does paranormal investigations from Herkimer New York right on down to Scranton Pennsylvania. Look around our site with an open mind, maybe you will find something of interest to you. If you are around Montrose PA in October come on one of our Ghost Walks and hear some of our tales we have to tell, and visit a real haunted fire station.


Ghost Hunters Incorporated

We are the original Ghost Hunters Incorporated...a non-profit ghost/paranormal investigation team. We've been researching, investigating, tracking ghosts since 1974, from our humble beginnings in Pottstown,Pa,...

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Rhode Island


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South Carolina


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South Dakota


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Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters

hostly voices or whispers. Phantom footsteps. Mysterious knocking or banging noises. Missing objects unexpectedly reappearing in a different place. Moving shadows. Strange orbs of light in photos. Misty figures ...

If you're experiencing unusual phenomena like this in your home or business ... if you're frightened or just curious ... we can help!

The Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters are the oldest and most experienced paranormal investigation team in Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi. We've been investigating and documenting reports of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity in the Memphis and Mid South area since March 2001. Our research work and investigation evidence has been featured in local, regional and national radio and television productions and documentaries, and our investigations are always free and confidential.


Memphis GhostHunters!

The Real Ghost Hunters of Memphis.


Paranormal Awareness Society Corp. (PAS)

Paranormal Awareness Society, Corp. is a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the scientific research and education of the paranormal.


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U.G.O The Utah Ghost Organization



Investigators of Spiritual Connections

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? We're trying to find out. Investigators of Spiritual Connections. Since 2005 we've been trying to provide samples of evidence pointing to the spiritual realms. Currently looking for more members and always looking for new friends.


Goatman's Bridge

I live only five miles from the bridge and go out there every other evening and take picture's. There are many legends about Old Alton bridge and I thought it would be fun to make a web site dedicated to the bridge. Everybody I talk to has been very interested in the legends and the paranormal activity. I just wanted to check with you to see if this would be something that you would like to put on your web site. I have a ton of more history and information I will ad to the site in do time. Please check out the paranormal activity page because I have added photos of the activity that is reported there. Please view the web site and let me know if this maybe something of interest to you.

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A.P.A.R.T Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team

We are a paranormal research team, committed to scientifically investigating and documenting paranormal evidence as it may present itself; by researching history, witness accounts, and determining natural reasoning before declaring a location "haunted".

* We do not, nor will we ever, charge a fee for our services.
* We will research history on family names, physical addresses, and structural findings to the best of our abilities.
* We will interview eyewitness's to claimed paranormal accounts.
* We will combined both documented historical findings, eyewitness accounts, and investigative findings in our reports, on our website and any presentation we conduct.
* We will not drink before, during or after an investigation.
* We will not smoke, ever.
* Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
* We will use skepticism, combined with a healthy open mind, to report a true finding. Whether that finding may be anomalies or void of any paranormal evidence or event.
* We will work hard with, in and around our communities to educate those who are wondering, or have misconceptions about paranormal events, investigators or the field as a whole.
* We will work to preserve and maintain the historic locations, the history is holds, through honest record keeping.

A.P.A.R.T. Services:

We will always strive follow our mission statement in the utmost professional manner, and with complete discretion; unless previously discussed and permissions given to release the names, dates and specifics of a "haunting."

For us, first and far most, it is about our client's safety and well being. We will be assisting them in understanding what is making them afraid in their home or business.
For us, it is also about finding proof, documenting it to the best of our abilities, while alleviating any
room for questions or bias.
We will provide you with a CD, free of charge, with the best photos, EVPs, and a complete report of all of our findings. If there are no findings, we are honest and will tell you.
We are simply looking for answers to questions that have been asked for centuries.

More in Depth
We assist in helping, comforting and educating those who do not understand, or may be frightened by,
the events happening around them. We will use any and all resources available to our team in the best scientific manner possible. Only recently in history have scientist begun to develop equipment that can aid in the detection and gathering of tangible evidence in the wide range of paranormal activities. We cannot provide a guarantee that we will find evidence during our investigation with you. We may investigate your home without any evidence documented while we are there. We will be honest with you in telling you so. We will not falsify evidence, present falsified evidence, or agree with falsified findings.
However, in the event that we do document something questionable, we will provide you with all evidence gathered while working for you. We first will attempt to rule out anything human or environmental that can cause an explained affects for the happenings you are experiencing.


A.G.H.O.S.T. Advance Ghost Hunters Of Seatltle Tacoma

A.G.H.O.S.T. is the most advanced technical paranormal research group in the Pacific Northwest. During paranormal investigations, our team combines hi-tech equipment with qualified psychics, research and training for successful results. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility. AGHOST has earned the respect of some of the most important names in the paranormal field.

We, the ghost hunters, have made it our quest to provide substantial evidence that we are not alone in the dark. What is it that goes bump in the night and gives you the feeling of being watched when you're all alone? With the work of ghost hunters today...

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