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Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society

Phoenix based paranormal group that has years of paranormal experience both personal and investigative. We are dedicated to helping others explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence aquired during investigations.


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Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters

hostly voices or whispers. Phantom footsteps. Mysterious knocking or banging noises. Missing objects unexpectedly reappearing in a different place. Moving shadows. Strange orbs of light in photos. Misty figures ...

If you're experiencing unusual phenomena like this in your home or business ... if you're frightened or just curious ... we can help!

The Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters are the oldest and most experienced paranormal investigation team in Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi. We've been investigating and documenting reports of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity in the Memphis and Mid South area since March 2001. Our research work and investigation evidence has been featured in local, regional and national radio and television productions and documentaries, and our investigations are always free and confidential.

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Amercian Paranormal Investigators

American Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to investigate, document and provide help & intervention with paranormal & supernatural phenomena to clients in need.

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CCPI Paranormal Investigators

Team CCPI Serving Western Colorado & Eastern Utah (Now Southern Wyoming!) Since 2004, With Over 20 Years of Combined Experience!


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R.I.P. Researchers into the Paranormal

****MidNite Walkers AWARD Winner****

We are the R.I.P. group. Researchers Into the Paranormal. We are from Marion County Florida. We have a great team of ghost investigators. We will investigate anything we can. We believe there are lots of spirits of all types. We have several pictures of our findings. I hope you enjoy your visit.

We investigate paranormal activity in Central Florida using audio, video and other equipment to help us detect phenomenon that cannot be explained. Our research is not limited to scientific methods, the metaphysical aspect of ghosts and hauntings is just as important in helping us understand what is happening and why. We are focused on research, collaboration and finding the answers to our questions about the unknown.

If you are looking for help with some ghosts of your own, you've come to the right place!

Our team is a group of mature and experienced adults who are interested in documenting paranormal activity, and helping you find a solution. We offer home and business investigations free of charge. Privacy is our priority when we investigate private residences or businesses and no personal details will be revealed without your permission. We may be able to help you better understand what is happening in your house and deal with whatever it may be.

Also we believe in Rick Hayes a wonderful person and a great speaker. He also has a wonderful gift and he shares it wih others. Please click on the link below to visit his site and get to know him.


Pinellas Pasco Paranormal/ Hostile Haunts Specialists

We are a hostile haunts resolution team, not just research investigators. We can actually help, and have, in about eighty eight percent of our cases, to rid people's homes, of a malevolent spirit or help a lost spirit find it's way home and out of your home.

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