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Below are some investigations we have been on. All names and locations of investigations are kept confidential with the exceptions of those that have asked us to disclose the location.

Please don't ask us for directions or names of any investigations.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Email from client:

Well… my wife, 3 year old son and myself purchased
a old 1896 or 1906 farm home near North Prairie, MN in June of 2004, before
we purchased our home I had set up a time to review the property with
my sister and mother…. It was......Read More

This cemetery has graves that date back to the 1800's and
there is a Church on site. It was said that near this area there was
meeting place where people would meeting.....Read More
We wasn't able to find to much information on this location. What we have found
was that the church across the road from the school was built in 1883.....Read More
Before setting up
equipment at the site we walked around the area awhile to get a feel and see
how everything was set up. At the location is an old school house and an old........Read More
Saturday April 17th 2004 Night was clear warm night of 82 degree's geomagnetic
was quiet and solar x-rays were active.

This Church hasn't been in use since the 70's. The church doesn't have any indoor plumbing........Read More

Saturday February 7th 2004. Night was a cold clear night only 3 degree's F.
the moon was 95% full, Geomagnetic quiet, x-ray active.

In the 1800's this location was church and school .We are not sure......Read More

While On an Investigation we found an old abandoned cemetery that was all grown
up with tree's and grass. MidNite Walkers found it very disappointing to see how bad shape this cemetery was in. After everyone talked we......Read More
It was a cold clear night at 7 degree's Fahrenheit the moon was at 98% full.

This house is out in the middle of a cow pasture next to an old cemetery. Getting to this house is not too easy of a task. You have to cross creeks and there are no roads to it. Rick, Matt and I......Read More

We arrived at the location
at 1:45 am, soon as pulling up we could feel something.

Upon entering the gates you could feel
temperature change. We headed to back side of the cemetery
it was there the temp really drop......Read More

The night was
a cool clear night with 98% full moon

We pulled up to the house
at 10:30pm. Everyone had been waiting outside for
us to pull up. This House is an old farm house
that was built in the 1800s. The resident took......Read More

Central Minnesota Paranormal Research Society Thayer Ambulance Shed

Thayer Ambulance Shed was
once a sears building what it was before that we are not
sure, on the third floor it was a group home,and Apartments.
Bottom floor was once a car dealership......Read More

History: The original building at the location of Palmer House Hotel, had been a Brothel and Saloon. The building had burned down in the late 1800's.
The residents of Sauk Centre at the time stated they were happy the building had burned down.
The Hotel on the site today, had been built by Mr. and Mrs. Palmer in 1901. It is rumored that in the early 1900's, a little boy staying at the hotel had died......Read More


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