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Haunted Tennessee

By Kellie

Chapel Hill, TN is one of the most well known Haunted Locations in Tennessee. Chapel Hill is known for its Ghostly lights that appear along the Local railroad tracks. No one really knows just why these Lights appear. But for some of the local Town folks, they have their own ideas.

The legend goes that long ago, an older gentleman Known in those days to be what they would call a Signal Man for the railroad company, there in Chapel Hill. He would carry a bright lantern along the Railroad tracks. That could be seen for Long distances. And on one dark and rainy night, as he Walked the tracks like he did every Day. The older gentleman Tripped and fell, and hit his Head on the tracks, and was Knock unconscious. As he laid on the train Tracks knocked out cold. A train came along, and unaware of the gentleman laying on the tracks.

The train ran over the man, and decapitated him. When the authorities arrived, for some reason they could only find the lower torso of the gentleman. And the head was never found

So to this day, people believe that when you See the bizarre bright lights floating back and Forth over the railroad tracks. They believe that it is the older gentleman's spirit, looking for His head.

Luckily, I was able to interview a lady by the name of Crystal, Who has had her own experience with seeing these lights. And her story goes As follows.

Crystal and some friends were out driving one night. And they decided to go To Chapel Hill themselves, to see for themselves, if the legend was true. So, they arrived, already expecting nothing was Going to happen. They got out of the car, and stood right on the tracks, within the first couple of minutes, one of her friends, made the comment "What's that?" They all looked down the tracks, and about 50 yards down the track was a bright light floating in midair, about 4 feet off the ground. It seems to be Going Back and forth across the tracks, and coming closer and closer to them. Crystal said, that she immediately froze, while everyone else ran back to the car. But, Crystal couldn't move. This light just kept coming closer and closer to her. But she felt as if her body was paralyzed. Her, friends yelled at her to get into the car, but she couldn't. So, her friends finally had to grab her and drag her to the car. Still in shock, they drove off and never been back since.

Sadie Baker

Concord Cemetery Manchester, TN

By Kellie

Sadie BakerConcord Cemetery has a very well known resident. A lady by the name of Sadie Baker. Story has it, that Sadie was known to be a witch. And because of that, she was buried alive. The people that buried her placed two Stone slabs on top of her grave.
So, that because of her being a witch, She will not rise from the dead.

If you notice in the photos, there is money placed on her stone. Matt and I could only come to the Conclusion that, the reason why it was there, was maybe it was some sort of offering from other Modern day witches in the local area. We still aren’t
to sure about that though.

Some witnesses say that at night you can see a dark shadow figure of a woman. Roaming, the cemetery grounds. Some say, that you can see her, floating over top of the headstones. Could this be Sadie? I don’t know. You Be the Judge……Sadie Baker



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