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Haunted Missouri

Civil War Cemetery; The cemetery said to have a lot of civil war graves. Its said that some nights you can see a solder walking around the cemetery

House in Green Town; This house was once slave quarters. In the back room of the house the floor was built over a cestrum. The bathroom is in that part of the house. People have said they been attacked while in the bathroom. You can see things walking around in the back room and bathroom.

Old Group Home; It is said that late at night you can see a lady walking around the home.

Haunted Road; while on a hay ride Halloween night a little girl while jumping around, was pushed off the wagon and ran over. Its said that on Halloween night the little girl will try to get into your car or what ever you are in.

Old Hospital; It is said that you can still see people in the rooms walking around.

Old House; House was one of many that were built around the site. It was said that there was at least 4 houses there. The school was located down the road about 1/2 miles.The house that is still there the living room and bed room was built in 1800s and rest been added on as time went on. Its said that you can see an old man in corner of living room and in back bed room.

Rail Road Tracks; It is said that late at night you can see children walking along Rail Road tracks in old style clothes. People have reported this to the police but when the police have gotten there. There were no children to be found. One Person reported talking to a little girl and the girl saying that she was trying to get home. After reporting it to the police they never seen or heard of the little girl again.

Hangman's Tree; The Hang Man tree was once a spot were public execution was done. Many People would come from all around, just to watch an execution. In 1983 A weird Christmas tornado came through the area and took out the tree. Now it is said on foggy nights you can still see the tree standing.

Sal Cemetery; The old church has so called urban legend. There was a man while riding his horse stopped by the church on his way home from town it was raining so he had stopped there to get out of the rain. When he enters the church he had seen a pair of old army boots in one of the pews, like someone was lying down in the pew sleeping. He walked up there to see who it was and didn't see anybody up there and the boots were gone. This being during the depression he thought he was going to be ambushed for his food, horse and money. He then went in search of them, after searching the area he was there alone.

Ozark Madonna; The ghost of a barefoot woman holding a baby is seen on the ridge tops here. She is thought to be the spirit of Laurie May Maumsey, who lived in a cabin in the hills in the 1930's. Her drunken husband had threatened to beat their baby unless she gave him money. In the struggle that followed, her child fell from her arms and onto the stone floor. The baby later died of a concussion. The woman committed suicide shortly after.

State Park: It is said that some nights you can hear a women scream if you are parked outside the gates

Church By State Park: It was said that in early 1900s or late 1800s that there was a Indian women found dead on the gravel road between Church and State park. They didn't know who the woman was so they buried her and marked her grave Indian women. It is said that now you can still see the Indian woman walking down the road.

Hwy 142; It was said that a guy was in a hurry to get home because his wife was having a baby. It was a rainy night and on his way home he ran off the road, and hit a tree and died. Its said that on rainy night you can see a man in long black trench coat walking down the road trying to get a ride home.

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