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Haunted Minnesota


Old Broadway was once a brothel and a morgue. It is now a restaurant. Staffs has reported that they witnessed an old woman walking upstairs during the evenings and at night the stoves will turn them selves on and wired noises have been heard and other unexplainable things have happened.

Bethany Nursing Home call lights in empty rooms will ring, there have been lights that have turned off by them self’s on the railing you here sounds like some ones holding on to it while they walk but no one is there and a few other strange occurrences.

Private Home Allot have things have happened here for things moving by themselves to a younger boy being seen several times locked doors suddenly open foot steps here when no one else is around. The history is still being looked in to.

Loon Lake

The cemetery at Loon Lake, Minn. is said to be haunted by the ghost of a witch that is buried there. You can find the cemetery on the Lake's southeast shore. Turn into "Brown's Campgrounds" they have signs directing you to its sight. It's open during the day only!

New York Mills

New York Mills Regional Cultural Center - Used to be an old general store. In the basement of the cultural center is where the storekeeper went crazy and killed all of his family including himself. The man and his family are still seen as they where on that grizzly night.

Sauk Centre:

Palmer House - This hotel was built in 1901 on top of another hotel that had burned down in 1900. There are rumors of a small boy bouncing a ball down one of the hallways late at night

St. Cloud

There is also a lady ghost in Riverview, the second oldest building on campus. Long after everyone else is gone and only the janitors remain, there are reports of hearing a lady walk around with high heel clicking sounds. She'll also move chairs and open doors. Riverview used to be where the students of SCSU would go to teach the children and there is also a ghost child that roams around, bouncing a ball.

St. Cloud Times - For years it's been reported by night employees that a man who is either dressed in a white shirt and bow tie or a printer's shirt appears in the basement of the building. Sometimes the sound of Banjo playing is heard. He's been known to tamper with office equipment and lights from time to time.

St. Cloud State University - James W. Miller Learning Resources Center - The new library was built over an unmarked graveyard. Children bones and adult bones were found and later studied by students and staff. The most common ghost is a solider dressed in his time period's uniform, walking through the hallways.

St. Cloud State University - Lawrence Hall - is the oldest building on the campus of St. Cloud State University. It was built in 1904. In 1950 a janitor in the building murdered two teachers who had offices in the building. It was abandoned in 1968 for "unknown reasons". Today students have reported seeing a figure of a bald headed man standing in the doorways of the building. Some see lights flash on and off from outside!

St. Cloud State University - Shoemaker Hall - In the early 1900's a student at the St. Cloud Normal School had an affair with a janitor at Shoemaker Hall, which was the dormitory for the students. She became pregnant and hung herself in the meat locker of the kitchen (now the basement). Shoemaker is still a dorm, and many students report objects being moved, clocks flashing impossible numbers, lights and TVs turning on for no reason, and an apparition of a woman floating above beds late at night.

North Shoemaker Hall - North Shoemaker Hall was built in the early part of the twentieth century. Legend states that one of the lunch ladies hanged herself in the basement meat locker. Many of the resident advisers have reported hearing strange things in the meat locker. They even say that the door will unlock by itself after employees had locked it.

St. Cloud Skating’ Place - Legend says that the skating rink was built over an old pond where a boy had drowned. Lots of unusual things happening in the building have been reported.


Sibley State Park - Timberlake Road - women's children were killed in her house many years ago while she was gone. She came back to discover that they were all dead. She then hung her self. She haunts Timberlake Road looking for the killer. Her house was strangely burnt down a couple years ago. There have been many sightings red eyes in the forest, screams, dogs barking and the barking getting closer and closer to you, moans from the women, and strange shadows. In the winter there are many piles of dead rats. There is a cemetery on the same road where she was said to be buried. Children have been seen in the cemetery. Many people in Willmar and new London / Spicer know the stories and have seen it for themselves.

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