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EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are voices or noises caught by tape recorders, it's believed that these voices are beyond what our ears can hear. The recorder will make it so the sounds are within our range of hearing. You can get false positives from EVP's by such things as radio waves from CB's, cell phones, electronic devices.

When using any recorder make sure that you get the one with the best RF (Radio Frequency) Shielding. If you are using an analog device to try to capture EVP's you will need an external mic. Analog recorders uses heads and these heads tend to make allot of noise. Your recorder can pick up this noise, which can be very easily confused for an EVP.


We are not sure what this EVP is saying. It could be another language such as Ojibwa. The location we caught this had at one time been the location where a batter between Ojibwa and Dakota indians had happen.

First part of the EVP you hear Mel say what you may think is "Honey" but Mel is saying "Aaniin", Aaniin is greeting in Ojibwa. Just after Mel says this you hear what we believe is a EVP, next you where hear Mel say "See That" and then another member say "What".

Aaniin is pronounced Ah Neen H's are silent, Ahh is like a sigh.

Shorten Version to just the EVP

Devil Coming

This is one of our best EVP's.. You can hear Jodee asking LeRoy if he wanted to move to another room. They both are talking while they move to the room with the green carpet. You hear LeRoy state he is going to set the recorder on the table and they are in the room with the green carpet. Just after stating this you hear "Devil Coming"

Shorten Version.. Just shorten no filter has been done to this nor the other longer version

Door Slamming

We caught this while dowsing with the residents in their home. We was sitting in the dinning room which is located in the center of the house. Rick and the home owner was facing the front door. They seen the front door open then slam shut on it's own. You can hear it here.

Get Out Your Boots

This was our first ever EVP. We got it on a cold night in Missouri at the abandon House Investigation. In the EVp you can hear what sounds like an old man saying "Get out your boots"

Filtered Version: Edited using Sound Forage by Rich

Hello Dotty

We caught this EVP at an location where once had been a town settlement. The buildings in the town had long ago been moved to another near by town. All that remains are few holes where the cellars had once been.

First part of the audio you hear a member and Mel talking. Then you hear the member cough, just after the cough you hear "Hello Dotty" Then you will hear a male member say something, then Mel say Aaniin.

Shorten Version

I Ice

This EVP we are not sure what is being said. To us it sounds like "I-Ice" or stuttering "I..I". There is also other voices after the "I-Ice" we can not make out but can hear it slightly. We caught this EVP at a local cemetery, during a day time investigation.

Filtered Version: Edited using Sound Forage by Rich

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