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Washington DC


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West Virginia


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Greater Milwaukee Paranormal Research Group

(GMPRG) The Greater Milwaukee Paranormal Research Group is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group's initiative is to help prove or disprove alleged paranormal activity. This is done with the use of several scientific methods. GMPRG also utilizes the talents of our diverse and unique members that make up our investigative team.


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International Groups


American Association of Paranormal Research

This organization was established in early 2003 to form a charter of paranormal researchers who work together with the unified goal of research leading to absolute proof of paranormal events. Paranormal research has been conducted for many years with the same goal but as of yet no one has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the reality of the paranormal. Parapsychologist have also conducted tests with positive outcomes but still not undeniable proof.

Most paranormal phenomena can be categorized in terms of whether they are primarily MENTAL (involving the obtaining of information in paranormal ways) or PHYSICAL (involving paranormal influences on physical objects, events or processes, or on living systems). In practice, however, this distinction is often blurred (e.g., a phenomenon may have both mental and physical features). Additionally, there are varieties of MISCELLANEOUS phenomena that do not fit neatly into either category. Many parapsychologists do not accept some or all of these miscellaneous phenomena as the legitimate study of parapsychology.


International Paranormal Investigators

The IPI organisation was founded in early October 2006; a project for paranormal investigators whether seasoned participants or beginners to the field of study. The main fundamentals were established after consultation with many independent researchers, paranormal research organisations and not forgetting paranormal hobbyists who are active in the field.

The main consensus among the aforementioned members of the community was the desire to form an organisation or project that brought everyone to the same table. In order to be useful and effective for its participants the project would need to be strictly impartial, regardless of methodology, time of operation in the field and most of all…knowledge gathered and personal belief systems.

All investigators at IPI are equal; no one is better regardless of field work, media coverage or who knows who. What is evident when looking at discussions or gathering feedback from members is the healthy level of respect people have for each other….they don't necessarily agree all the time but they do debate and discuss fully without the need to offend or cause upset or embarrassment. The key being agreeing to disagree or working through topics together to reach new thoughts and ideas which further promotes education and advancement.

A misconception that can easily be reached when looking at projects such as IPI is that it will try and dictate on how people should operate. Release its own protocols, proper ways to investigate and determine what is acceptable evidence and what is to be debunked as if now an official authority in the field. The above examples are against the organisations fundamental rules, the project is also run by the International Representatives who vote on all issues.

All resources are provided by Investigators/Groups who are sharing personal work to help others in the field. These range from full handbooks for your organisation through to downloadable EVP Classification sheets that may aid your research, you can also find various advice for beginners and full paranormal term listings to browse at your leisure.

IPI has been in operation for nearly 2 years now and prides itself on a very strong backbone of regular contributors. Like many organisations, it has had teething problems. Luckily, the organisation has managed to effectively work through this, with the help of its members, to establish a resource & network site along with a new offline IPI Database & Communication project.

IPI will now push forward with its representative project, ensuring all who take on this extra responsibility are fully aware of responsibilities to not only fellow IPI Members but the local area they are serving. Representatives will give a voice from their local area whether from fellow groups with concerns or ideas they would like people to work together on OR by voting .. issues and new projects raised by international colleagues.

Ultimately these field members will determine the direction of the project, IPI going with the majority vote which will be provided by investigators from all corners of the globe. An organisation to aid the paranormal community, directed by members from the paranormal community!

IPI has no top banana in control, only coordinators to ensure all fundamentals are met, issues are voted on by all the reps and most of all that the conclusions are put into action.

Do you think you can offer something to the organisation? Do you have enhanced knowledge through qualifications gained in your professions (Photographer, Science Based Qualification, Sound Engineer, Man Management)? Are you willing to share and help educate your fellow colleagues?

Maybe you have worked in the field for some time and wish to share your knowledge with new upcoming investigators?

IPI also requires representatives for various Counties, Countries and States throughout the world. Can you help direct the project while putting over your thoughts and local area views? Brainstorm new projects with fellow reps that can improve the community for all? Contact us Today!!

The IPI Organisation does recognise that the project may not be suitable to all who work in the field. Its fully understood that the word "Unity" is thrown around the field so much now that its lost any great meaning to most people…..People speak of it but do the opposite and this has resulted in many a debate in the field.

Each Investigator and member of the field have their own ideas or methods that they follow. No one is right or wrong and certainly no one better or worse for following their hypothesis in the hope of advancing their research……That's what makes us unique!

IPI promotes working in agreement and closely together with the hope that research can be further advanced by sharing findings, knowledge gained from our research and by reducing irrelevant squabbling that has nothing to do with research and does drag the field down.

We hope you will consider joining the project.

Regardless, we wish you the very best in your research and future cases.

Kindest Regards

Ryan O'Neill
IPI Coordinator


Ghost To Coast

Welcome to Ghost to Coast Online, home of everything ghost from Coast to Coast! If you're interested in ghost tours, ghost news, ghost pictures, paranormal investigation groups, haunted locations and haunted hotels, this is the place for you! Discover paranormal videos, paranormal television and radio, and much more! And you can now get the book, the t-shirt, and other great Ghost to Coast merchandise!


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EVP Based


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UK & Ireland


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Non Paranormal


Aedryan Methyus Magician Illusionist

Experience the cutting edge, fast paced magic and illusion of Aedryan Methyus. Aedryan's productions consist of "Awe Inspiring" large-scale grand illusions and mega-illusions, outrageous audience participation, hilarious comedy, intimate close-up, storytelling and some very rare bizarre magic.

In combination with the magic and illusion, Aedryan incorporates hypnotic, driving music, dance, entrancing video animation with 360° audience viewing of the magic and illusions, pyrotechnics, scenery props and theatrics galore. Once all of these elements are combined with Aedryan's lovable charm, witty character and comical antics, Aedryan leaves his audiences spellbound and takes them on an emotional rollercoaster ride, full of mystery and wonder, with surprises around every corner.


(WWHD) World Wide Health Directory

The World Wide Health Directory was started in 2002 as an easy way to find health resources on the internet.

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Complete Life Healing

Erin Heaven offers clairvoyant readings, energetic healings and communications with the Other Side through phone consulations from Boise, Idaho. With over 110 testimonials from happy clients, she offers a Money Back Guarantee to any client not satisfied in the first five minutes. She also hosts a Discussion forum featuring renown author Janina Renee'.


In-depth astrology readings. Offer free 2009 daily horoscope,daily love horoscopes,love compatibility, matches, weekly monthly forecast readings for Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces zodiac signs.

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Other Paranormal Sites

Chasing The Shadows

Documentary filmmaker Tim Schultz sets out on a 4-year journey for answers while exploring his own passion to know if an experience he had as a little boy could have been a ghost. He meets a cast of colorful characters including psychics, tarot reading wizards, paranormal investigators, skeptics, and scientists. His crew has journeyed into numerous locations including the birthplace of Voodoo, located in Benin, Africa, Italy, the Stanley Hotel, which is famously known for inspiring the classic horror novel The Shining, and The Myrtles Plantation, which is considered by some to be the most haunted house in America.





Paranormal Activity Online School

Paranormal activity literally means "beyond normal." Today, the term usually refers to experiences that are outside of the physical laws or understanding of science. Paranormal activity includes three main categories: extraterrestrial Life and UFOs, crptids (animals that have not been proven to exist), and finally, the most popular category, ghosts.

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