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Author Topic: Sage  (Read 950 times)
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« on: February 18, 2007, 08:14:21 PM »

If you want to get rid of an un-wanted spirit or ghost I can suggest something that has always worked for me. There are two kinds of sage you can use to get rid of bad spirits and protect yourself. One is called Dakota sage and the other that I like the best and smells better is California White sage. It comes either packaged in bundles or in bags. It is steams with small to med. leaves on it. You can look either up on the net and find it for sale. Or if you are ever around where there is a powwow you can find it for sale there. I have bought it on-line at Crazy Crow
http://crazycrow.com/ After you go there then click on products. After there click on Botanicals, Tobacco, Pipes. Then scroll down till you see California white sage or white sage. Once you have it what you want to do is take a leave or two and light it and put it in either in a small clay pot ceramic container. abalone shell or ash tray this is after you blow the flame out. If you get the bundles you just light the end, blow it out then when your done you just tap it lightly and it will go out. You only want the smoke. If you are trying to get rid of something bad or have bad feelings left over in a place you start at one end of the house. In each room you start in the center and go around in a circle making your circle bigger each time till you have covered that room. Don't forget to get the closets. Leave that room and shut the door and go to the next. Keep going till you have gone through all the rooms. Make your way to the door and open it briefly to let the bad spirit out then close it back and sage around the door too. If at anytime your sage goes out or you run out light it again and grab some more if you need it. Find a feather or a piece of paper to fan it as you walk around. I always pray as I am doing this. Bad spirits DO NOT like the smell of the smoke and they WILL LEAVE! Sometimes I just light it if I have had a bad day or not feeling good too. You can light more then a couple of leaves but it puts out a lot of smoke so don't light to much at one time. Just remember you are chasing the bad spirit out one door. Then you can put an un-lite leave above every door and window to keep it out and anything else out thats bad. Sage is also good to relive sinus pain and pressure and just to relax after a really bad day. Its like lisol in a way. It gets rid of the bad vibes other people leave behind.

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