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Shutter Speed Experiments
Shutter Speed ExperimentCamera Set up

I use Kodak C433 Camera Color set at Sepia Exposure 4.0.

These Objects along with hair was used for this experiment.

Shutter speed experimentThis picture shows pictures of the moon, first picture was taken using a tripod, each picture after shows little bit more movement. This will help show you how movement along with a slow shutter can affect your picture.

Camera settings: shutter speed 4 Sec, with no flash

shutter speed 4 Sec, with no flash
Shutter speed ExperimentYou don't have to change to color to have slow shutter speed effect your picture.

These pictures were done with normal color and a 4.0 second shutter speed.

NO these were not done on photo shop....The 4.0 second shutter speed delay keeps the shutter open for 4 seconds. This is done to help capture light in low lighting settings. For example if you are wanting to take pictures of the moon, northern lights or just Christmas lights you will want your shutter speed to be slower.

But with a slow shutter this means you can not move the camera for how ever long the delay is. ANY movement during the shutter delay will cause any light source you have to streak.

These pictures are some good examples: While i was waiting for the 4 seconds delay I moved the camera. in circular motion and then I tried to make a H (Even though it's not a very good H).

The streaks in these pictures where caused by light source such as the light on the monitor, Wireless transmitter or both at once.

Shutter Speed ExperimentEven in dark area with light source such as street lights will cause streaks.

First image is of a street light the arrow is pointing to the light. This was taken with normal shutter speed.

Second picture was taken with a 4 second shutter delay and little bit of movement. Third image with allot of movement.

If you are going to use a slower shutter speed whither being 1 second on up it is recommended that you use a tripod. Unless you are want streaks.

Shutter Speed ExperimentIn the second picture you can clearly tell the wrench is there. But notice how the wrench along with the sepia color and 4.0 second shutter delay effects the background.
Shutter Speed ExperimentThis picture was of the USB Cable with using normal speed shutter and color settings

Second picture is using Sepia Color and 4.0 second shutter delay.

Notice how the delay along with the color changes the look of the cable.

Shutter Speed ExperimentThese pictures was caused by hair in front of the lens with an 4.0 Second shutter delay.




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