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False Positives

Here are some false positives we have gather through the years. Click on the photo's for a bigger view.

False Positives caused by hair getting infront of the lens.

False Positives False Positives False Positives
A small piece of hair infront of the lens.
Here you see what it looks like with allot of hair.
Little bit of hair, while doing some dowsing
False Positives
This picture shows some hair along with slow shutter speed. The color of the film is in Sepia.

Below picture is caused by breath, we will show you how just breathing can cause false positives

False Positives


False Positives

The photo above was taken during a snow storm. The False on the camera is reflecting off the moisture of the snow flake. This was taken when it was snowing heavy. But you get the same effect when it's just flurrying out.

False Positives

The photo above was taken during a light rain. You can see how the flash reflected off the rain droplets.

False Positives False Positives
This is the orginal snow photo.
This is the orginal rain photo.
False Positives
This was caused by a camera malfunction

False Positives

In this photo it looks like what some may say is a witch looking from behind a pillar.

false positives

On the left you see a close up of the "Withch". One the right we have put numbers to help you compare the "witch" with the photo below.

false positives

You will notice, how all the things make up what looks like the witch.

False Positives False Positives
At the top of this photo you will notice an "orb".
We used Paint Shop Pro to show the path of refection.
False Positives

This this experiment we wanted to show you how just your flash hitting the ground can cause an refection orb.

False Positives

You can see the sun hitting the lense top right corner of picture. Which is causing the reflection (orb) in Center

False Positives

This is light Reflection using Infrared Filters on Camera

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