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EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are voices or noises caught by tape recorders, it's believed that these voices are beyond what our ears can hear. The recorder will make it so the sounds are within our range of hearing. You can get false positives from EVP's by such things as radio waves from CB's, cell phones, electronic devices.

When using any recorder make sure that you get the one with the best RF (Radio Frequency) Shielding. If you are using an analog device to try to capture EVP's you will need an external mic. Analog recorders uses heads and these heads tend to make allot of noise. Your recorder can pick up this noise, which can be very easily confused for an EVP.

I Love You

We caught this EVP at an old cemetery out in middle of no where.

We think it's saying.

"I Love You"

"I Want Two

Filtered version

Must Leave Her Alone

We caught this EVP in Colorado, at a very old minning cemetery up in the mountians.

Here are few things we think is being said.

  • "Most Leave Her Alone"
  • "Just Leave Her Alone"
  • "Most Leave Him Alone"
  • "Just Leave Us Alone"

No One Down There, Don't Think

We got this EVP at an Old Town Settlement. We all have listen to this and come up with two different things we think it is.

  • "Not one down there...Don't think"
  • "Stop Her...Right Mike"

Filtered Version

Email us and let us know what you think they are saying.

Smell That

First Part of this EVP you hear a member cough, then it gets silent. Just after the moment of silence, you can hear the EVP. After that again a members starts asking if "Anyone Here". Then you will hear Mel say "Not Different Smell"rage by Rich

We think theey maybe saying

  • "Smell Here"
  • "Smell Her"
  • "Mel Here"

Shorten Version

Stay Away East Side

This is one of our favorite EVP's. We think it's saying "Stay away east side" We caught this EVP by little old church in Missouri. The night this was caught only Matt, Rick and Mel was investigating. The voice is plainly a woman voice. This night was cold and we was having allot of equipment problems. Due to that Mel ended up staying in the car working on equipment while Rick and Matt investigated. So there was no women around when this evp was done. Rick and Matt had been on the west side of the church.

Want You Whore

We caught this EVP, at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre. We caught it just off the pub, going towards the Resteraunt.

Filtered Version

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