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Thayer Ambulance Shed

Thayer Ambulance Shed was once a sears building what it was before that we are not sure, on the third floor it was a group home, and Apartments. Bottom floor was once a car dealership also an auto repair, and been told a Appliance store. The third floor now if being use as a haunted house during Halloween, and all the stuff stays up year around so it was hard to do much up there. Second Floor is sleeping quarters for the residents, and the first floors are the office and the garage.

There is 20 People staying at the building at different times. Voices are heard during there were the resident’s sleeps they say that the beds rattle and they hear foot steps, VCR tapes ejecting on there own. One person was pushed out of bed. It was reported that there was a mechanic killed the in the building by the name of George and the residents think George is the one that is causing all this.

The night we went to investigate it was pretty busy in the building it was pretty hard to relax and get feeling on what was going on but I think there was something there maybe another time we can go again and get more.

We like to give special Thank you to the Staff for letting us come in and investigate!!!

Also on Halloween Night you have to try there haunted house it's got to be the best it's huge. I'm hoping they will give me the times and days they will hold it next year and I will post it on the site for all the readers to enjoy you will get a good scare.

We didn't get any EVP from this site for some reason all we have is static. Maybe next time!

Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Central Minnesota Paranormal  Investigators

Look at the outside of the building. You notice here just how old building is. The 3rd floor is where they have the haunted house each year. I recommend going!

Update: The haunted house since been to another location, due to the 3rd floor being condemned.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Ground Floor and Meeting room Of Thayer Shed. This is were all meetings and just hanging out happens. They have TV with games everyone can sit and play or chat. This was main floor to Sears and where we were told a machine was killed.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Third Floor of Thayer Ambulance Shed and also one of the rooms used for the haunted house. This floor was also were the Elderly home was located and were we come to believe most activity is.
Central Minnesota Paranormal  Investigators This is picture on ground floor and meeting room. Found the painting really nice and wanted to share.

History of the building

The second floor was a bracing shop until the building was sold to Sears. Sears was in the building until the 60's. After Sears there was an Appliance store. During which time there was an elderly group home on the 3rd floor. In the 80's was when the building became a ambulance shed. I have not been able to find were there was a mechanic killed on first floor in the building like what was believed.

Update June 22 2003

During the Last investigation we did at the Thayer Ambulance Shed, As we was leaving we did ask that all spirits stay on the 3rd floor. We did educated the people of the building what we thought was going on. Also told them that if they have any problems to tell the spirits to leave and go back to the third floor.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators While on Investigation we got face on TV. You can notice it here. The Console TV is not being used.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

Close up of image we got on TV. On Second floor of Thayer Ambulance Shed

Update: This is one good example of matrixing. You’re making images out of the texture. It's like viewing the clouds and making pictures out of them.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

Strange light to left of the picture. We tried to react it and was not able to.

Update: We had thought that this may have been caused by something getting in the way of the camera, like fingers etc. But we are still can't say without a doubt that this was the cause.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Rick and Jed comparing pictures we had taken to try to get same reflection we got above.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Close up to were we got the light. Thought light came from map but was not able to get a reflection.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Another picture of the map directly on.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

Mel, Matt and Jeb looking at some pictures. Looks like Mel is holding an orb.

Update: These orbs were caused by reflection off the table.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Some of the black marks that could easily be finger prints on the wall. The dark spots start on the wooden door and go around the room on the walls. We were told the prints did not show up until one of the residents had been attacked.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigaters TV room on second floor of Thayer Ambulance Shed, in the early 1900's there had been a bracing company on this floor.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators looking at some pictures we had taken

Update Aug 2005

We still stay in contact with works at Thayer Ambulance Shed. They have stated that things started to happen again. Here is last email I have received...

"Hi Mel, Just thought I would write you and tell you things that have been happening lately at the ambulance base. A crew had something or someone through a lamp in the middle of the downstairs floor. No one was around just heard the crash. Today myself and x. .x...x..x, went on a run and came back to find the stove was turned on. There has been a few of the crew Members hearing weird sounds through the night as well. I will keep you updated"

MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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