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Palmer House Hotel

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsHistory: The original building at the location of Palmer House Hotel had been a Brothel and Saloon. The building had burned down in the late 1800's. The residents of Sauk Centre at the time stated they were happy the building had burned down. The Hotel on the site today had been built by Mr. and Mrs. Palmer in 1901.

It is rumored that in the early 1900's, a little boy staying at the hotel had died from the flu.

Selling of liquor was done in the basement during probation. It also was rumored that during this time, there had been tunnels in the basement that would contact to basements of other buildings around town. The tunnels are rumored to have helped transport liquor with out the fear of being caught by authorities.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

The early years of Sauk Centre when the Rail Road still ran through the town The Palmer House hotel was known for its flea market. The flea market had been in the back part of the basement.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsIt also was rumored that Sinclair Lewis a local writer of poetry had an underground hidden room just behind one of the walls in basement of the Palmer House Hotel. It was told that he had written some of his poems on the walls.

Reported Happenings:

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsA self claim psychic who had stayed at the Hotel claimed to have visions of human remains that had been buried under the stairs in the basement that lead up to the pub.

The Owner claimed that after she had dug up the floor under that stairs that she had found bones. She had boxed the bones up to take them up to show her husband. But due to phone call she left box of bones in basement. When she later returned the bones were gone. The box of bones have yet to be found.

Many Guests and Employees have claimed to seen an apparition of little boy playing ball throughout the halls ways. This boy is believed to be the boy who died from the flu. People also have claimed to seen this same boy sitting on the third step leading from the lobby.

Central Minnesota paranormal InvestigatorsRoom 11 many guests have complained that the room is always cold, like the air conditioner is always on. Even after they have turned if off and turned the heat up.
Room 17 guests have complained about leaving the room to come back later to see that the furniture had been moved.

Room 18 People who have stayed in the room below room 18 have complained about hearing someone walking around in the room above them, it was said to also sound like someone had sat on the bed to take their shoe’s off. The owner claimed that each time this had been reported room 18 had been empty.

Many of the other room’s people have complained of item’s missing such as remote controls that have yet to be found.

It isn’t uncommon to hear the toilets flush on their own in the bathrooms just off from the lobby and the pub.

Central Minnesota Paranormal  InvestigatorsEmployees have complained about setting up the silver ware on the tables the night before to come in that next morning to find that they had been moved.

One of the Palmer House Hotel night clerks saw a guy come in the pub. He asked him if he wanted a beer. The guy asked him what kind do you have?

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsThe man had told him what kind he liked; he then asked how much he owed him. The clerk didn't know but said how about 2 dollars? The guy held up a $10 bill, but the clerk did not have any way of giving him change so he said you will either have to drink 5 more or I will owe you the rest in the morning. The man then pulled out $1.25 and the clerk told him he was in luck that tonight they were on sale. The clerk had already had a ghost scare that night and was relieved when he saw the man go up the stairs so he assumed he was a guest. But after talking to the owner the next morning he found out that there was no man that checked in or out with that description.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsInvestigation:
June 9th 2006
Investigators: Rick, Mel,
Gene, Terri
Equipment: Fuji Film,
Nikon, Minolta Camera's, Cell Sensor EMF, IR thermometer,2 Hi8 Sony Handy Cam with Night vision, RCA Digital Recorder, Sony Cassette Recorder with External Microphone.

During the investigation Terri and Rick both had fallen while going up and down the stairs. They both had been on the 3rd step from the bottom when they said it had felt like someone from behind had pushed them on the back of their knee’s. Terri had been going up the stairs when this happen… Rick had been doing down.

The steps are narrow due to having carpet on them; this could contribute to the fall.

Before starting the investigation all of us had gone through all the tables making sure that the silver ware had all been set up in the same direction. We had then taken pictures of all the tables and placed a camera within the room with hopes of catching the silver ware being moved.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

The above photo’s are not of the same table. But the first before picture will show how the silverware had been laid out on all the tables. 1:00am we had gone back in to check on the tables when we had found that one had been moved. We wasn’t able to catch this movement due to it being out of camera range.

Below is a video of us walking through inspecting all the tables. You will see on the video the table that the silver ware had been moved

In the basement in the room that has the stairs leading to the pub. We had heard a strange noise coming from some boxes of Christmas decorations. We had been standing in front of the stairs and talking about how we should set up equipment in the room, when we had all heard the noise. Rick and Gene had gone back to see if they could find something. But was unable to find any clues to anything, we wasn’t able to find any signs of rodents. It could have been caused by the boxes settling.

We was able to capture a couple good EVP’s
We think They are saying *Want you whore* or* I want more*.
*Do You Like Me?*

Do You Like Me?

Want You Whore

This file is large and may not load for those on slower connection

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

Palmer House Hotel is located In Sauk Centre Minnesota. For more information on the hotel click on the link below.

Palmer House Hotel


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