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Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsEmail from client:
Well… my wife, 3 year old son and myself purchased a old 1896 or 1906 farm home near North Prairie, MN in June of 2004, before we purchased our home I had set up a time to review the property with my sister and mother…. It was an uneventful so I thought…. Shortly after moving in my 3 year old mention that a little girl was visiting him at night… she only spends time upstairs and never comes down…. I asked him how old he thought she was… he replied “about 3”… now I must mention that my sister has always experienced paranormal activity… when I mentioned this to her she then told me that she felt a “presence” at the top of the stairs such as a little child running around her feet… she then mention that she had a feeling of something in relation with the stairs.. That someone may have been “hurt or injured”…. Well.. my nephew (my sisters child) also grew up experiencing paranormal activity as well in their home in Coon Rapids, MN… (which I experienced myself at that location) well anyway.. he has had a lot of encounters with the unknown while living with us for all of 3 years, there was one time when we where both sitting in the downstairs living room when a gray mass ran though the living room… well I passed it as a something I ate or drank… well about 15 sec later my nephew asked me something that might think that he was weird … well he just saw the same thing I saw… this is the only time 2 people seen the same thing at the exact same time…… I then started to do some research on the place I just brought.

Here’s what I know to be facts
In 9/14/1914 a little girl was born in the house then in 12/25/1914 she died - notice the “3” months – Headstone in Bowlus, MN

In 01/03/1933 the original owner of my house fell down a flight of stairs and later died from that injury – this is on file at the Stearns County Historical Museum

I spoke with the sellers and he mention that his children and wife have experienced activity
While the barn was being constructed a young man fell and was injured to the point he was unable to provide for himself… the wife of the property told him she would provide for him, well this only happened for a short period before she would not allow him on the property he later died in the 1980’s or 1990’s I think… - Old fella who was born and raise about ½ mile west and is currently in his 70’s

My child will at times see a person in the fields he calls “Evil” he has told us that he scares him at night in his room, I mean he really freaks out when this happens, which is very rare, but does happen. He is 6yrs old and can still recall most of his ordeals.

Most of the people who live in the house are buried in the a Cemetery not far from the home, except for the little girl, she’s in another town next to her father..

People who have had relations with people that lived in the house at one time have told me that they always know or felt that the house was haunted…

Here are something’s that seem to be happening

Doors will sound like that they are closing shut, but all of the doors are still open

Lights will be on when we come home after being gone all day – I have not seen the light turn on and off except once… I was not the only one to see this happen, it was almost like a power failure but we were also watching TV and that did not flicker or turn off.

Linen closet doors in the upstairs bathroom will always seem to be open and never seem to stay close – this used to be a bedroom until around 1980

There will be extremely cold passings no matter the time of the day…. Mostly happen at night while watching TV

I have noticed though lately that I feel required to buy religious items… I am not religious person by any means; however when I do there seems to be more peace in the home. I do know that the wife later moved to North Prairie right next door to the church.

There also seems to be at time, hostile environments in different locations throughout the property, sometimes in the barn then it will be the milk house, then of course the basement.



July 19th 2008

Starting Time: 10:00pm

Ending time: 3:00am

Investigators: Rick, Mel, LeRoy, Jodee and 2 clients

Equipment: Cell Sensor EMF, Hi8 Sony Handy cam with night vision, RCA digital recorder, Kodak 4.0 digital camera.


Moon: 98% waning

X ray:

XL (1.0-8.0Ň): 3.73e-09

XS (0.5-3.0Ň): 5.6435e-09

High: 5.77e-09

Low: 5.58e-09

Peak: Normal



Ap: 5

Summary: Quiet


When we pulled up to the location nobody was home yet, the house was dark and we do have to say it was creepy looking. Itís an old brick house, with the old windows, set back a ways from a county road, out in the middle of no where.

After the clients arrived home and we got into the investigation, starting in the house, we tried to capture some EVPís starting with the kitchen. When we got into the Dinning room, Mel had asked can you give us a sign that you are here. Mel was holding the recorder in her hands and had felt the recorder move when at the same time a clicking sound was heard. Here is the recording of that sound.


Clicking Wav File

WAV. File 1.62 MB

Clicking MP3 File

MP3 File 302 KB

After trying to capture some EVP’s in the living room, we decided to split everyone up. Jodee and LeRoy headed up the stairs. While Rick, Mel and the clients stayed down stairs. The clients was sitting in the office while Rick and Mel was by the stairs using the video camera to record towards the office, after asking some questions Mel and one of the clients stated that they felt a sudden drain of energy. Not long after this the client stated he felt like someone was poking at his leg. There weren’t any animals in the house at the time of the investigation.

Rick, Mel and the clients went back into the living room, where once the EMF reading peaked out for just for a second. Not long after this Mel had seen a shadow going from the stair way entrance into the living room.


Minnesota Paranormal Investigators LeRoy and Jodee was sitting in a room up stairs just to the right off the stair case, when they got the EVP Devil Coming, you can hear the evp here. This is an Enhanced version. To listen to the unenhanced version check out the EVP pages.

Devil Coming

WAV. File 198 KB

Devil Coming

MP3 File 40.8 KB

LeRoy also noticed some noises from the upstairs bathroom, which could have been caused by the faucet.



MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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