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We arrived at the location at 1:45 am, soon as pulling up we could feel something.

Upon entering the gates you could feel temperature change. We headed to back side of the cemetery it was there the temp really drop. While walking around cemetery we could feel what felt present of someone following us. We headed to one corner and there we heard foot steps and twigs breaking. Upon further investigation we couldn't find anything that made the noise. While walking away from corner we heard noise again.

We ran out of tape on Camcorder. Were having some problems with batteries on digital camera after 3rd set of batteries we finally got camera to work. From there we took pictures of cemetery and around cemetery.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators We had taken this picture when heard the walking.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Some "orbs" over the fence going into the cemetery. You
can also see on the sign to the cemetery the year it was
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigation "Orb" just over sign going to cemetery. Here you get closer look at date cemetery was established.

Nov 2003

  Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators
t was a clear night, the cemetery seemed pretty active. When pulling up and walking to the back of the cemetery we could see the house which we couldn't see the last time we were here. After watching the house you could see movement around the house. After some considerations Matt and Mel decided to go and investigate the house. After looking through the pictures there was allot of them with Ectoplasm in them we took 95 pictures in the house The one of the second story window of the house some of us been saying we see someone standing there. Tell us what you think. We haven't gone back to see if there is something there.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Picture was taken in yard of the old house.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Some Ecto and "orbs" by tree in garden of the old house.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Ectoplasm by old house.
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Ecto going up to second floor of the house.


We have gone back to the cemtery many times and each time have experienced something. We come to believe that the house is where all spirits are. We have gone back to the house and didn't notice anything that was white in the second story window.

MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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