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This cemetery has graves that date back to the 1800's and there is a Church on site. It was said that near this area there was meeting place where people would meeting on weekends. We have had people tell us that close to this cemetery they use to have a carnival. But we haven't found out much more info. on it. There is Also a State park near site. Old Indian Woman was said to be found dead along the dirt road.

For More Information Check out Urban Legends under Missouri.


Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsThis is the location of grave of the lady who was said to been found dead along side the road. You will notice two lights on this picture, these could of been caused by slow shutter. There was no lights located in this direction. In the direction of the picture there is nothing but an open pasture. Closes house is 2 miles away. So these lights was not caused by any light source.



Here is a lighten up version: you will see the picture is very grainy, i was not able to clear the picture up anymore then it is. These could be caused by bugs. This picture was not taken in any direction of a light source. we still as of now can not explain with out doubt what may of caused this.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators This picture shows the gates to the cemetery next to the old School


A lighten up version: This picture like the last is not of good quality.

We have come to believe that this was caused by slow shutter speed, and the yard light by the church.


MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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