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We arrived at the location at 1:00 am.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsWe wasn't able to find to much information on this location. What we have found was that the church across the road from the school was built in 1883 and at hat time the school was a Log School.

We have also found a picture that dates 1920s of the school, in the picture the school had still been a log building.

We was told that few local clubs hold meeting in the school. We was not able to find anymore history on the location.


Minnesota Paranormal Investigators This picture shows the gates to the cemetery next to the old School
Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators A look at the inside of the school house

We have been told that this building along with some others in the area had been featured on Discovery Channel documentary. The show was about some local builders that built stone buildings, these man would leave their signatures on each building by a flower built in stone near the front door.

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators This picture shows red "orb" in the tree. This was taken during our first investigation at this location. Many of us had seen what looked like a man hanging around the tree. We also had feeling that we where being watched through out the investigation. Matt and Mel decided to sit by the tree for while and see what would happen. This picture was taken during that time.

Update: We have found the above photo to been caused by reflection.

Central Minnesota Paranormal  Investigators Rick and the Mulit Meter, that we use to measure temp changes.

Second Investigation:

When we got to this location at 2am it was cold 32 degree's. We started by walking about the location for little bit before getting equipment out and setting it up. Before we arrived at this location we was at another location doing an investigation, during this investigation we had equipment problems. We thought that the problems may of been caused by the cold. But we had not experienced any equipment problems at this location. This location was more open, which made it feel colder with the wind. The equipment malfunction may been caused by some electrical interferenced at the previos location, but we had been to that location on more then one occasion and this was first time we've had this problem. As for the previous investigation we will have to say it very well maybe something paranormal, but can't say it is without a doubt.


We are not sure if anything had happen at the location of the school. We do know that in 1883 the school had been built of logs. The School now built of stones, with this we know something had to happen to the previous building, whether it been age, natural related or human related. During the investigations we have had many interesting things happen. On one occassion Matt and Mel's at the same time had felt hands on their shoulders, they both had been phyically pushed away from the school. During another investigation every time we would try to walk up towards the school, we would hear what sounded like a beller from a bull. There are many farms around this school, but we hadn't heard bellering until we start to walk up to the school.

MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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