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We arrived at the location at 1:00 am.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsBefore setting up equipement at the site we walked around the area awhile to get a feel and see how everything was set up. At the location is an old school house and an old cemetery with a fence around it that was locked. Since cemetery was locked up we decided to investigate the old school house.

This invesitation will be the first for Dennis, Mel had plan on showing him how to use start investigation, use of equipment. We also wanted to make sure that someone was with him at all times. But when Dennis and Mel was walking up towards the old school house the camcorder quit working. Mel tried to get it back to working but didn't have any success. Then Matt was taking some pictures and the camera would not work, both the camera and camcorder would kept shutting down. Rick was running the temperate gauge and the backup light wouldn't work.

We also all the batteries on all the equipments had drained. We always have extra batteries, but they just kept draining. Mel gave Dennis the EMF meter but we also had problems with the batteries with it. Mel wasn't able to do anything but run back and forth from Matt to Dennis trying to keep them running. Rick finally got the camcorder back going the battery was drained over half. When the investigation had started the camcorder had a full battery with 180 minutes. Within 5 minutes it was down to 80 minutes.

Matt finally got a full card of pictures, then when Mel went to go upload the pictures onto the computer they would not upload. We could not get the pictures to upload until we left the location. We thought it could been the cold messing with the equipment. We stopped at another location just a mile down the road and did another investigation. We didn't have any problems with equipment during that investigation.


The building had been moved to this location using horses and logs. We have not found were the building originally was located.

Minnesota Paranormal Investigators To this day the building doesn't have any indoor plumbing. As you can see by this picture the building is in disrepair.

April 2004 Investigation

Saturday April 17th 2004 the night was a clear and warm night with temp. of 82. Geomagnetic was quiet and the solar x-rays were active. At first everything was going good we hadn't experience any problems like we had during a previous investigation. Until Mel decided to go take one more card full of pictures. Mel had asked Rick to come along with her with the camcorder to film while she took the pictures. Rick was standing to the left of Mel, when Mel snapped a picture. Just as Mel snapped the picture her and Rick could see what looked like a wall in front of her. It was a solid white wall one you couldn’t see through. Same time Mel snapped the picture the camcorder shut down on its own. Rick quickly turned it back on, and kept recordering. Mel took another picture but did not see the wall again.

When we got home and watched the video we realized that the camcorder was missing 6 minutes of recording. On the camcorder just before Mel asked Rick to go with her the camcorder was recording. But it didn't record Mel asking Rick to go with to the point where Mel seen the wall. The time was 3:00am the next time showing on the camcorder is 3:06am and that is when Rick is turning the camcorder back on.

One thought was that the camcorder may accidently been put on standby instead of recorder, if the camcorder is on standby it will shut down in 5 minutes. But we don't think this was the case this time, as just after Mel asked Rick to go, Matt asked what time it was. Rick looking into the view finder of the camcorder gave Matt what he thought was the time. But after reading it off it was the counter showing the camcorder was recording.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsThis is the picture that was taken when the camcorder shut down, and the wall was seen. Rick and Mel both had seen what looked like a Wall just before taking this picture. These could be caused by allot of dust in the air, but weird part is being able to see something before taking picture at this same location.

Update: We still are not clear what may of caused the wall. Many times while taking pictures we have seen orbs with the naked eye. In those cases it had been caused by light from the flash reflecting off the dust in the air. But with this photo what we seen didn't look like that reflection, it looked like a normal wall. Normally i would say this is nothing more then dust, only reason i have not said so yet, is due to the fact of seeing something, and camcorder shutting down at the same time.


MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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