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Saturday February 7th 2004. Night was a cold clear night only 3 degree's F. The moon was 95% full, Geomagnetic quiet, x-ray active.

en we got this evp.

In the 1800's this location was church and school .We was not sure when they quit holding classes. The building is still in use to this day as a church.

There was snow on the ground so we were not sure how it was going to go about doing an investigation. We had left the car running to have warm place for us to warm up. This was the coldest night yet that we had so far on an investigation.

After getting home and going through the Voice recorder we did notice one EVP. It's a voice of a female we are not sure what she is saying everyone seems to think something else. One thing we thought maybe she could be saying is "Stay away from the east side” Or "Don't go to high". Most of us favor the east side one; one reason is because the EVP was taken on the east side of the cemetery. In the EVP you will hear a crunching sound that is Rick walking in the snow. In the EVP you can clearly hear a woman talking. Mel was the only woman with and she ended up staying mostly in the car, working on keeping the computer going. She wasn't around when we got this evp.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsPicture of location we got the EVP "Stay Away from East side"

Central Minnesota Paranormal Investigators

Picture of angel statue on east side of building "orbs" in this picture was caused by reflection from street lights the one in front of the church and one behind.

Central Minnesota Paranormal InvestigatorsNotice how how the "orbs" are around the enterence
of the church.

Update: I usually don't like to post orbs without explaining what I think may
have caused them, this one i have no explanation for. They could be dust or pollen, but were they are located keeps me from coming up with a reason, if you can come up with a reason, email us, we love to hear it.

MidNite Walkers does not claim any of the pictures shown on this page to be paranormal. All pictures are gathered for research. Some pictures have been proven non paranormal. Visit the Experiment pages to see some of the experiments we have done.


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